Becoming a Zen Priest




I won’t be painting for a while as I’m going to live at Tassajara and the

San Francisco Zen Centre and train to be a Zen priest

 – that’s me on the left!

I will be painting intermittently though, and all new work will be posted here,

so watch this space.

A deep bow to each and every one of you,

Kim Koei


About kimhartinvenice

I'm an artist living between glorious Venice, Italy and San Francisco. This is where you can find out about what I get up to, and to keep updated about new work. Also check out my website and see me at
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2 Responses to Becoming a Zen Priest

  1. Jo says:

    Oh my goodness !! Enjoy.

    Would like to know if/when you paint again – I bought one of your pictures at the AAF in 2011 for my daughter as a wedding present but want one of my own !!

    Such a very talented lady x x x

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