It is September, and I am about to start training here at the San Francisco Zen Centre – and I received this lovely email from a client.

Dear Kim Hart,
I was in July in Venice and I didn’t found your atelier again.Last year I had buy one of your works. One woman from the nearst Teeshop, told me that you are going to live in a monastery. Maybe is good for you ,but realy not for the Art. We will missing you and your fine pictures from Venice. My englisch is terrible ,I know, but I try to wride these sentencens and I will wisch you peace and the best for your life.
Best regards from Berlin
I am touched. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and who continues to support me, even if you’re far away.
Kim x
PS It makes me think that I may need to do some painting!

About kimhartinvenice

I'm an artist living between glorious Venice, Italy and San Francisco. This is where you can find out about what I get up to, and to keep updated about new work. Also check out my website www.kimhart.co.uk and see me at kimhartinvenice.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Encouragement

  1. Lynne MacMaster says:

    Hello Kim,

    I, too, visited your gallery and fell in love with your art. We corresponded briefly, and I use some of your images as wallpaper and covers for Twitter(people ask where I have gotten the images). I hope you don’t mind my spreading the beauty of your work.

    I remained on your mailing list, so have been aware of your recent journey.
    I truly wish you well, but secretly, selfishly, hope you return to the art world. You are missed!

    With warmest regards,
    Lynne MacMaster

    • Thank you, Lynne, for the lovely letter of support. The monastic life is very time consuming what with getting up every morning at 4:30 (!), but I’ve recently decided to start making work again. Different to my other stuff – masks, as it happens, so the Venetian influence is still there 🙂
      Thank you for spreading the love and my work. Every sale I make supports this continuing practice.

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