Kim Hart – a painter in Venice and San Francisco

I am an artist living between San Francisco, London and Venice and most recently I’ve taken to exploring mask making, as the city of San Francisco begins to exert her glorious and decadent influence. But previous to this incarnation my works were a documentation of a love story – between the city of Venice, her past, and me as an artist.

I would source photographs both from the residents of the city as well as photographing contemporary Venice myself, I would then rework the original image employing paint and fabric and many layers of varnish, to create works redolent with atmosphere.

Many of these pieces can still be seen on this blog, but have long since gone to loving homes.

It is now the energy and particular attitude of the city of San Francisco that is dominating my current work, and finding expression through the peculiar language that is mask making, or mask decoration to be precise. I use original papier mache masks imported from Venice, Italy working into them in the many and varied ways that years of experience in the art world has taught me.

May they give you pleasure.

If you’d like to see my CV or know more about my other work you can also visit



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